Instructions for using a GRCC filter for importing rosters (including e-mail addresses)
from the instructorís briefcase into Grade Machine.

Before you start (one time only):
Save the filter I previously sent out to everyone in e-mail, "GRCC PamDonnie" by right clicking on it in the e-mail and picking Save As Then browse to C:/Program Files/Grade Machine/Filters/ and save it there.

Starting a new class:
1) In the Instructorís Briefcase, highlight the top heading row (including the little blank cell in the upper left corner next to the SID) and all the rows of student information (without highlighting the Total Students row at the bottom.), and then copy it. Start a new Excel file and paste the info into Excel. (Donít worry about the shading of the columns or anything else about the way it looks.)

2) Use Save As to save the file as Text (tab delimited) on the desktop or somewhere you will remember, using a name you will remember. It gives you a warning about multiple sheets (Pick OK) and about losing features (Pick YES). Then try to close the file, and say NO to saving the changes. (It still wants you to save it as an Excel file and you donít want that.)

3) Open Grade Machine and start a New Class. Then do File, Import, and then scroll to and highlight GRCC PamDonnie. Hit OK. It again is asking for a location to import from and this time you browse to and select your saved text file (from step 2) and hit Open. All of the information should be there (Name, SID, Phone Number and Program). You canít see the e-mail addresses but they are there.

4) To send an e-mail of their grades in Grade Machine, go to Report, Individual Report, and hit E-mail. If you View Message, you should see the first message (If the first person does not have an e-mail address, you may have to pick View Message a few times until you see one that has a message. If it looks good, you may send it out at that point. Each student gets their own report!

For this quarter:
There are some issues when trying to import the info into an existing class with grades already entered. I have done it with my classes, but you probably want to make a back-up first before you try it. It probably will only work if you already have their SID saved with their names. If you entered the names by hand, you should perhaps wait until next quarter.

1) Same as above
2) Same as above
3) Open Grade Machine to the class that you have already started. Then follow the directions starting with the second sentence in 3) above.

4) Check your class. There may be names at the bottom that are repeats of what you had above. This only seems to happen to students who did not have a SID in the ID column. I have not yet worked with files that were originally entered by hand. It probably wonít work. There may also be problems if you had already entered in e-mail addresses for some students.

If you have question about this filter or this procedure, please feel free to e-mail me. Donnie Hallstone