History 250 DE

The Vietnam War

Unit 2

The French-Viet Minh War 1946-1954

Bruce Haulman


Welcome Unit 2 of The Vietnam War
The French-Viet Minh War, 1946-1954

To complete the second week in this class you need to do six things:

1. Readings:

Read George Herring, America's Longest War, Chapter 1
Click here to see the Herring Study Guide

Continue Reading Le Ly Hayslip When Heaven and Earth Changed Places.

Visit the History Channel's Today in History then in Category select Vietnam War.

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2. Visit the Link of the Week by clicking on this
link - CNN The Cold War - Dien Bien Phu

Browse through the site and find something interesting about Dien Bien Phu that is new to you and that you think is significant.  Then email me a short summary of what you discovered. (Short means 150-250 words or about 1/2 to 1 page typed double-spaced)

Click on this link to email me bhaulman@greenriver.edu

1999 Stemp Maximilian

Read the Weekly Briefing -

"The French-Viet Minh War, 1946-1954"

Click on this link to go to the Weekly Briefing


Photo by Marjorie Zaum K.

4.  Submit your  Response to the Weekly Briefing for this week.  Your response should be a short paragraph, about 150 words.

Click on this link to email me your response. bhaulman@greenriver.edu

         Briefing Question

1. Why did France lose their war in Vietnam?

5. Viet Nam War Generation Journal Assignment

VNWGJ is the only journal currently published which is devoted solely to the study of the Viet Nam War. Therefore, it is important for students of that war to be familiar with the Journal's content and scope.


Browse through the entire issue Vol. 2, Number 3/4 from cover to cover.  Read several of the items that really interest you.

Write a short (300-500 words) review of the entire journal. Your  personal opinions are welcomed as well as serious analysis. Try to strike a balance between the two. 25 points


Pick one piece from one of the following sections of the above journal:  Fiction, Essays, Memoir, Reviews/Interviews, and write a short (300-500 words) review of the one piece you have chosen. Analysis and opinion are both welcome. Short quotations can be used to illustrate points. 25 points

These assignments are due this week.

Click on this link to email me your response. 


VNWGJ 2002


6.  Post a comment about the why you think the United States supported the French in the French-Viet Minh War 1946-1954 on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.  You may want to read through other student's comments for insights for writing your Discussion Web Posting.

Click on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.

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These assignments conclude the second unit of this class.

Bruce E. Haulman 2007