History 250 DE

The Vietnam War

Unit 5

Escalation, 1964-1967

Bruce Haulman


Welcome to Unit 5 of The Vietnam War
Escalation, 1964-1967

To complete the fifth unit in this class you need to do six things:

1. Readings:

Read George Herring, America's Longest War,
     Chapters 4 and  5 Click Here to see Herring Study Guide

Begin Reading Robert Mason, Chickenhawk.

Visit the History Channel's Today in History then in Category select Vietnam War.


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2. Book Review Due.  David Willson, REMF Diary.

Your review should have a subject block that includes the title of the book, the author's name, the publisher, and the year published.   The review should be approximately 400-750 words in length (2-3 pages typed double-spaced). Your review should focus on the message/theme and purpose of the book. What is the author attempting to communicate? How does the book help you understand the war? Also, be sure to provide a critique. Do not just recount the book chapter by chapter. ANALYZE THE BOOK.  Email me your review bhaulman@greenriver.edu

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3. Visit the Link of the Week by clicking on this
link - Medal of Honor Citations: Vietnam War, 1964-1972.

Browse through the site and find something interesting about the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War that is new to you and that you think is significant.  Then email me a short summary of what you discovered. (Short means 150-250 words or about 1/2 to 1 page typed double-spaced)

Click on this link to email me bhaulman@greenriver.edu



Read the Weekly Briefing -

"Escalation, 1964-1967"

Click on this link to go to the Weekly Briefing


President Lyndon B. Johnson's "Midnight Address" announcing a U.S. bombing raid after the 2nd Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964.
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5.  Submit your Response to the Weekly Briefing for this week.  Your response should be a short paragraph, about 150 words.

Click on this link to email me your responses. bhaulman@greenriver.edu

              Briefing Question

1. How effective was Operation Rolling Thunder? What alternatives did LBJ have?

Post a comment about why LBJ instituted a policy of Escalation, 1964-1967 on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.  You may want to read through other student's comments for insights for writing your Discussion Web Posting.

Click on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.

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These assignments conclude the fifth week of this class.

© Bruce E. Haulman 2007