History 250 DE

The Vietnam War

Unit 6

Mid-Term Exam

Bruce Haulman


Welcome to Unit 6 of The Vietnam War

Mid-Term Exam

To complete this sixth unit of the class you need to complete the Mid-Term Exam below:

It is February 1968. The US and South Vietnamese forces have pushed back the VC forces after the Tet Offensive. But the political damage has been done. You are a top policy advisor to the President. Draft a memo to President Johnson outlining what policies the United States has used to win the war in Vietnam - which ones have worked, which ones have not worked.  Then, advise the President on what course of action he should take: Should the United States withdraw from Vietnam, increase and widen the war, or maintain the current policies and status quo.  In your recommendation, give reasons for your suggested course of action and possible outcomes. Here is a suggested format for the memo (you can use any format you wish)

If you want to read an actual policy memo to The President during this era, the National Archives has resleased a copy of a policy memo from Henry Kissinger to President Nixon. Click on the link below to see that memo:


February 15, 1968

FROM: (YOUR NAME), Foreign Policy Advisor
SUBJECT: US Policy in Southeast Asia


Your essay will be graded using the following rubric:

Writing Style (50 Points)

     Sentence and Paragraph Structure - 10 points
     Grammar and Spelling- 10 points
     Clarity - 10 points
     Organization - 10 points
     Introduction and Conclusion - 10 points

United States Policies to Win the War (50 Points)

     Policies that have worked - 25 points
     Policies that have not worked - 25 points

Course of Action President Should Take (50 Points)

      Clarity of Description of Action- 25 points
       Reasonableness of Actions - 25 points

Reasons for Recommendations (25 Points)

Possible Outcomes (25 points)

If you have questions about this exam, be sure to ask.

Be sure to use the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar to discuss this Mid-Term with your fellow students.  Sharing ideas is not cheating.   Having someone else write your essay for you is.  Since you have time to write and edit, take advantage of your spell checker and grammar checker before you send me your essay.

Click on this link to email me your completed essay  bhaulman@greenriver.edu
Please be sure to email your exam pasted into your email, Not as an attachment. Thanks!


This Mid-Term Exam concludes the sixth unit of this class.

Bruce E. Haulman 2007