History 250 DE

The Vietnam War

Unit 8

Home Front

Bruce Haulman


Welcome to Unit 8 of The Vietnam War
Home Front

To complete the eighth unit in this class you need to do seven things:

1. Readings:

Read George Herring, America's Longest War,
     Chapter 7

Visit the History Channel's Today in History then in Category select Vietnam War.


2. Begin your Interview.

You are required to conduct one personal interview of a Vietnam-era person. You can choose anyone who has memories of the war. They may be veterans, protesters, parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, or anyone else, as long as they have a story to tell. The interview report should include the person's name, age, and occupation.

You may want to visit Indiana University Oral History Research Center's web site for ideas on how to conduct your interview.

Your report should summarize the respondent's answers, picking out the most important points. Reports should be approximately 750-1000 words. Please include your interview questions.


You can design your own interview questions, but at a minimum you must include the following:

1. Where were you from 1965-75?
2. What were you doing during this           time?
3. What were your feelings and thoughts about the war and why it was being fought?
4. If military, where were you stationed? What was your job?
5. What is your impression of the conduct/strategy/reasons for the war?
6. Could we have won the war?

3. Visit the Link of the Week by clicking on this
link - Vietnam Veterans Against the War Links

Browse through these links and find something interesting about the Home Front during  the Vietnam War that is new to you and that you think is significant.  Then email me a short summary of what you discovered. (Short means 150-250 words or about 1/2 to 1 page typed double-spaced)

Click on this link to email me bhaulman@greenriver.edu


Read the Weekly Briefing -

"Home Front"

Click on this link to go to the Weekly Briefing


Anti-War Protest Blocks I-5 Seattle PI

5.  Submit your Response to the Weekly Briefing for this week.  Your response should be a short paragraph, about 150 words.

Click on this link to email me your responses. bhaulman@greenriver.edu

          Briefing Question

1. MACV Commander General William Westmoreland said that "the media snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Vietnam." What do you think he meant by that?

6.  Post a comment about what you see as the two most important events on the Home Front on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.  You may want to read through other student's comments for insights for writing your Discussion Web Posting.

Click on the Discussion Board in the left hand Navigation Bar.

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Byrd Archive

7.  First Movie Review Due.  Your film review should be approximately 250-500 words (1-2 typed double-spaced pages), and should focus on the film's historical value as well as is impact on your understanding of the war. Do not simply recount the film scene by scene. ANALYZE THE FILM.
Your review must have a title block that includes the Title, the Director, the Year Released, and your name.

Click on this link to email me your First Movie Review bhaulman@greenriver.edu

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Warner Brothers

These assignments conclude the eighth unit of this class.

Bruce E. Haulman 2007