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English 127
Research Writing

Vik Bahl
Spring 2019

Email: vbahl@greenriver.edu
Phone: (253) 833-9111 x 4223
Sections: DEA; DEB
Office:  SH 120-36
Office Hours: Tue/Thu Noon-1:00 pm; Wed 10-11 am; & by appointment


Welcome! - Beginning of the Quarter
Announcement #1 (4/1/19)

Welcome to English 127: Research Writing for the Social Sciences.  If you have not already found it, please go to our main course website: http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/bahl/E127/E127/home.html (make it one of your Favorites or Bookmarks). 

Required Books:  The following textbooks are available through The Paper Tree, which is the Green River bookstore:  http://www.greenriver.edu/bookstore/. It is important that you have the correct editions. 

Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G., Williams, J. M., Bizup, J., & Fitzgerald, W. T. (2016). The craft of research (4th ed.).  Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 

Colombo, G., Cullen, R., & Lisle B. (Eds.). (2016). Rereading America: Cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing (10th ed.). New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Textbooks on Reserve at Holman Library:  Copies of both of our textbooks are on reserve at the Holman Library circulation desk (first floor). You can only check out the books for two hours, which will allow you to photocopy the pages assigned for reading. You should still make sure to have your own copies of the textbooks so that you can mark them and read them more carefully, but the books will be on reserve if there is any delay in your ability to get the books here at the beginning of the quarter.

Week 1 Schedule:  Please print out and read the Week 1 schedule.  This page lists the reading and writing assignments for the first week (the writing assignments will be submitted in the Forum, for which you will need to log onto the GRC CANVAS site).  In many cases, I include a good number of explanatory comments in these weekly schedule pages, which can be seen as the equivalent of lecture.  Since we don't see each other in class regularly, I have to rely on writing to you.  Make sure you are "listening" carefully by printing out, reading, questioning, marking up, and following up (via email, phone, or office visit) what I have "said."  It may be too overwhelming or unproductive to read the entire Week 1 and other weekly schedule pages all at once.  Even if you read through an entire weekly schedule page once when you first print it out, be prepared to re-read more carefully what I have written under the different days as you go through the week.  For example, re-read what I have written under Wed, Apr 3  when you get ready to do the reading assignment for that day.  There may also be links that take you to different webpages for the lessons of any given week.  For example, the Week 1 page has links to other pages (handouts) such as "Writing Summaries," etc.  Make sure you also click on those links and print out those pages, which often serve as mini-lectures.  Again, it is important to read or re-read these lectures (or "handouts") as you're working on the corresponding assignment, rather than all at once and only once.  

Course Materials:  All relevant materials for the course appear on multiple webpages on the website listed above.  Once you are on the course website, click on the buttons on the left bar as well as on other relevant links. In particular, you should PRINT OUT AND READ CAREFULLY the Orientation (Getting Started), Syllabus, and Schedule, and Week 1 pages.  Note that the Schedule page also has links to the individual weekly schedule pages, which will become live as we go along).  For example, Week 1 will be live at the beginning of the quarter; Week 3 will become live by the middle of Week 2; and so on.  Also review the Questions page, which is like a site-map for this course and has links to major course handouts.  You may have to adjust your printer settings (or page layout settings) so that the full content of the screens will print out properly. 

CANVAS:  All relevant course materials, assignments and guidelines may be found on the website listed above.  However, we will also make use of CANVAS https://egator.greenriver.edu/ for the “Discussion Forum” and to post all assignments.  Once you are logged into our course on CANVAS, go to the Modules tab, and select the appropriate week's module, which will have that week's detailed schedule and links to that week's discussion forums.  CANVAS requires you to have a username and password.  If you are a new user of CANVAS, go to the following webpage for login instructions:  http://www.greenriver.edu/academics/elearning.htm.   Note that you may not be able to login to CANVAS until noon of the first day of the quarter, or until 24 hours after registering if you are registering late (not including weekends). 

Student Email CANVAS makes use of your GRC student email account (mail.greenriver.edu), which you must activate by going to http://www.greenriver.edu/studentemail/.  You may wish to set your GRC student email account for automatic forwarding to your main email account.  Note some of my messages will go to your GRC student email account, NOT CANVAS; therefore, it is imperative that you set up your GRC email immediately and check it regularly!

Contacting the Instructor:  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  Please review the Format Instructions page for guidelines about sending me email:  http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/bahl/E127/E127/format.htm. 

* Add this website (page) to your Favorites or Bookmarks (depending on your Internet Browser).

* When you try to print webpages from this website, your printer may cut off a portion of what appears on your screen.  To correct this problem, try selecting 0.5 inches for all margins under "Page Setup" in your browser before printing. 

* Google Chrome users may have trouble loading external pages in CANVAS.  If you click a link that leads to a blank page, click on the Shield icon at the far right of the url address bar at the top of your screen and select "Load unsafe script."  You will need to this each time you log onto CANVAS in Chrome.