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Weekly Schedules

English 127
Research Writing

This page gives a broad overview of the materials we will cover during the quarter.  Detailed reading and writing assignments as well as explanations are available under separate pages for each week.  The links to the individual pages for each week will become activated as we go along.  Note that there may be some shifts in the due dates of assignments and the schedule for topics covered, but this page gives you the "big picture."  For major assignments, please follow the Format Instructions.

All assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. on the day listed.   Don't panic if you are a few minutes, or even if you are a few hours late once or twice!  

Important Course Handouts
Research Topics (be thinking about these early)
Social Science Disciplines
Format Instructions 
See Questions page for other handouts

Citing/Documenting Sources
APA Format

GRC Writing Center
RLC 173
Mon, Thu, Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tue, Wed 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Holman Library Class Guide


Weeks 1-2 (Jan 3 - 12)
Introduction & Course Procedures
Textbooks: The Craft of Research (CR) and Rereading America (RA)
Brainstorming Research Topics
Quotation and Paraphrase 
Week 3 (Jan 15 - 19)
1/15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Background Essay guidelines
Sources: Finding Information & Articles
American Psychological Association Citation Style (APA) 
Research Topic Proposal
Week 4 (Jan 22 - 26)
Finding & Evaluating Sources
Historical Background
Statistics, Debates & Disagreements
Planning & Drafting
Week 5 (Jan 29 - Feb 2)
1/30 Background Essay Draft Due
1/31 Peer Review of Background Essay
2/2 Final Draft Due of Background Essay
Week 6 (Feb 5 - 9)
Literature Review Guidelines
From Questions to a Research Problem
More Secondary Research
Engaging Sources
Annotated Bibliography
Identifying Debates
Week 7 (Feb 12 - 16)
Academic Arguments
Arguments: Claims 
Arguments: Reasons & Evidence
Arguments: Acknowledgments & Responses
Primary Research Methods
Week 8 (Feb 19 - 23)
2/19 President's Day Holiday
2/20 Literature Review Draft Due
2/21 Peer Review of Literature Review
Arguments: Warrants 
2/23 Final Draft Due of Literature Review  


Week 9 (Feb 26 - Mar 2)
Final Research Article Guidelines
Making Your Own Argument
The Ethics and Politics of Research
Partial Drafts Due of sections of the Final Research Article (in Forum)

Feb 27 Last day for official withdrawal or to submit pass/non-credit petition to Enrollment Services (EnrollmentServices@greenriver.edu)
Week 10 (Mar 5 - 9) 
Composition Process cont'd
Weeks 11-12 (Mar 12 - 23) 
Final Research Article Draft Due
3/14 Peer
Review of Final Research Article
Revising Organization, Argument, Style
3/16 Final Draft Due of Final Research  Article
3/19 Course & Self-Assessment Due