class expectations

My hope, as your teacher, is that your relationship with writing is one that you nurture, one that lasts a lifetime. No doubt it will be intimate, honest, transformative, and ultimately gratifying, taking you places deep within yourselves and upward in your public lives. But it takes true work and application of daily lessons before any rewards accrue. Engage in the work that will liberate you to write freely about, life, beliefs, goals, and research.

The following are my expectations of you as a student in my class: 
•	Attend class daily
•	Do all the assigned work
•	Participate in all of the workshops
•	Respect your classmates
•	Visit me for conferences and help on your drafts, 
•	Visit the writing center 
•	Revise your papers so thoroughly that I only have to spend minimal time as I make my way through your paper, noting gleefully how you incorporated all the ideas from our class lessons into your paper, instead of having me write twenty minutes of marginalia and end comments that repeat what I already said in class
•	Take all that I have to offer and exemplify it in your subsequent drafts

With your genuine work ethic, I will do all I can to get you to the next level If you are often late, lazy, detached, and/or irresponsible, etc. to do the work and are frequently absent, I will ask you to do everyone a favor, mostly yourself, and re-register when you can commit to your learning and that of your classmates.

Keep this saying by Lao Tzu in mind as you go through this quarter: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” What is it going to be for you: only going through the motions to get a passing grade for the quarter (being fed for the day) or really committing to learning the writing process (so that you learn to feed yourself? You need to extend the effort to learn to become a self-actualized, independent, great communicator who determines his/her destiny.