Learning Objectives (Action Words)

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Learning Objectives--Action Words

The best objectives are written so that they are clear-cut and easy to understand. The use of certain "action" words to describe the action or task to be observed or evaluated is vital in developing good objectives. The use of certain types of words should be avoided because their meanings are open to a wide range of interpretations.

Words To Avoid Using In an Objective

to learn to respect to master
to really appreciate to understand to know
to appreciate

Words To Use In an Objective

to adjust to administer to align
to analyze to ascertain to assemble
to calculate to calibrate to change
to charge to check to clean
to compare to complete to compute
to connect to construct to convert
to correct to demonstrate to define
to describe to design to determine
to develop to differentiate to display
to examine to explain to fill out
to guide to identify to initiate
to inspect to install to list
to locate to enumerate to write
to modify to name to operate
to organize to point out to position
to prepare to present to process
to reassemble to recite to regulate
to relate to remove to repair
to repeat to replace to restore
to select to service to set
to show to signal to state
to store to test to train
to trim to transcribe to verify
to troubleshoot to use


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