Scholarships now available for one year, tuition-free training toward employment in the high-tech, career fields of realtime court reporting or captioning!

Green River Community College Captioning students

An exceptional scholarship opportunity is currently available for new students enrolled in Green River's Computer Reporting Technologies program. Students beginning their education toward either the Court Reporting or Captioning degrees are encouraged to apply for the Realtime Writers Scholarship which will cover all tuition costs for the traditional academic year (three quarters).

Court Reporting and Captioning are exciting and versatile careers. Court reporters write the verbatim proceedings of a courtroom, deposition, hearing, or meeting and provide an accurate transcript of the proceedings. Realtime captioning provides captions of live television programs and other forms of media for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers through realtime technology that instantly produces readable English text.

Students interested in applying for this remarkable scholarship should contact Lori Rapozo at or Sidney Weldele-Wallace at to request an application.

Scholarship funding made possible through a Department of Education grant.

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