Design drafting is a large and fast-growing occupation.

Is drafting at Green River College right for you?  You might be interested if you enjoy drawing, designing, machining, engineering, and bringing ideas to life.
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Behind every product, building, or process are drawings and models created by someone using the techniques and principles taught in drafting courses. If you study drafting, you'll learn the math and drawing techniques you'll need to represent three-dimensional buildings or machine parts and assemblies. Your classes will cover such topics as interpreting specifications, advanced geometry and estimating materials.

You'll not only learn to draw plans on paper, you'll also learn how to create drawings on the computer. With computer-assisted drafting programs, you can make changes and add detail to your plans quickly. Increasingly sophisticated technology allows drafters to create more realistic images that almost seem like realistic three-dimensional models. These models can be printed or “cut out” using CNC technologies, making it easy to imagine the finished structure or object.