Donnie Hallstone

Math Modules- 62R,70R,72R,97R

Information about Summer Quarter 2016

Orientation Summer 2016 video (This is what you should watch if you are starting a math module course. Have your red folder with you.  If you just need to review a few slides, see the actual PowerPoint below the old video.)

Orientation  OLD Video (This is a somewhat  generic video that I did after an orientation had technical difficulties. I will keep this here inThis case of future difficulties but the current video would be a much better choice

Orientation PowerPoint only, not video (Watch this if you have watched the orientation video but it went too fast, or if you just need the dates.)

 ALEKS Course Codes Summer  2016    

         Red Folder Contents                    Module Log Sheet

            Midterm Paper Example 1

            Midterm Paper Example 2

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