Math 104 - Pre Calculus II

Fall 2007

Basic Course Information

We will study of trigonometric functions and their applications; inverse trigonometric functions; trigonometric equations; trigonometric identities; solutions of right and oblique triangles; complex numbers; vectors; polar coordinates; polynomial and rational functions. Graphing calculator required. PREREQUISITE: MATH 102 with a grade of 2.0 or higher; or appropriate placement; or instructor’s permission.

Homework Problems




Directory of In-class Activities


Test Reviews

TEST 1 REVIEW - Powerpoint

TEST 2 REVIEW - Powerpoint  The 50 Point GRAPHS answer should be reflected over the midline!

Test 3 Review - Powerpoint

FINAL EXAM REVIEW - Powerpoint show


Nelson Consulting Service #1:  Burt Mansfield

Nelson Consulting Service #2:  One-Eyed Pete