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Fall 2008

Basic Class Information

We will study problem solving techniques, number theory, set theory, and numeration systems related to topics taught at the K-8 level.  Recommended for prospective or practicing elementary teachers.  PREREQUISITE: MATH 097 with a grade of 2.0 or higher; or instructor’s permission.

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Syllabus & Homework Assignment (Word document)

Calendar (Word document)

Group Project

Blank Lesson Plan (Word document)

Chapter 1 Notes (PowerPoint Presentation)

Review for Test Ch1 & 2

Review for Test 2 - Ch 3 and 4 - Note that this version has no answers.  After class on Tuesday, I'll put up one with answers.

Review T2 with the answers

Chapter 5 Review - Yes, you may see some questions like the ones in the Misc. Math category.

Review for the Final

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