Math 97

Winter 2009

Study of the definition of a function; graphs and solutions of linear equations and inequalities; graphs and solutions of quadratic, rational, radical, and literal equations; complex numbers; radical expressions; variation; and applications. Graphing calculator required. RECOMMENDED: Eligible for READ 104.


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Homework Assignments


Project #1:  Nelson Consulting Service

Project #2:  Nelson Consulting Service

Test Reviews:

Test 2 Review Questions    Test 2 Review Answers

Test 3 Review     Test 3 Review Answers

Review for the Final Exam



In Class Assignments

Solve a System

Linear Regression

Min/Max Problems

Factoring Worksheet

Dividing Fractions

Adding Rationals

Find the Equation (inverse variation)

Simplify & Add Radical Expressions

Divide & Solve Radical Expressions