Math& 107 - ONLINE

Winter 2012

Course Description:  

We will study of a variety of mathematical topics that may include finance, management science, statistics, probability, social choice, and measurement/geometry.

Course Delivery:

The main course content is delivered through ANGEL.  The link to the ANGEL log-in page is here:


Project 1 Farm Labor Now

Project 1 Kent Kingpins

Project 2 Cheetum and Howe

Project 3 BCMC

Mini Lectures:

Chapter 3 Section 1 Number 41


Hamilton Method

Lowndes Method

Jefferson Method

Webster Method


Stem and Leaf Graphs

Using a Random Digit Table (9.1 question 29 a)

Finding the Center part 1

Finding the Center part 2

Measuring Spread part 1 (Standard Deviation)

Measuring Spread part 2 (5 number summary & box plots)

Finding summary Stats on the Calculator

Intro to Probability

Probability Rules Pt. 1

Multistage Probabilities

Factorial, Permutation, Combination

Normal Distribution Pt. 1  Intro to shape, center spread

Normal Distribution Part 2  Standard normal distribution and area

Normal Distribution Part 3  68, 95, 99.7 and z score

Normal Distribution Part 4  Using Z score

Normal Distribution Part 5  Algebra with the normal distribution - working backwards


Scheduling Basics

List Processing Algorithm

Challenges with Scheduling

Critical Path Algorithm


Simple Interest

Compound Interest

Continuously Compounded Interest and Effective Rate

Ordinary Annuities

Amortization Annuities

Using the Calculator