Math 147 On Line

Spring 2014

Basic Class Information

Study of graphs and solutions of linear equations, systems of equations, matrices, linear inequalities and linear programming, the simplex method, exponential and logarithmic functions, financial formulas, sets and set notation, permutations, and combinations.  Many problems and examples are drawn from the fields of business, economics, and social science.  A graphing calculator is required. PREREQUISITE:  MATH 097 with at 2.0 or higher, appropriate placement test score, or instructor's permission.

This class uses WebAssign as the course management system. For information about logging in to the class, contact your instructor:


Nelson Consulting Service Projects

Project Instructions

To view the client interview, click on the link

Project #1:  Benton County Mosquito Control - Windows Media Player

Project #1:  Benton County Mosquito Control - Quick Time movie


Project #2:  Kip McNeal - Quick Time Movie