Faculty and student comments about Tegrity

Comments from faculty

Tegrity has been a real help to my classes. First of all, it’s provided an easy answer to the famous student question, “did I miss anything?” After giving the standard berating, I simply tell them to check online. Students who cannot attend class because of special circumstances are especially appreciative of having the lectures and discussions available. Listening to the recordings has also made me more cognizant of my own speaking style, making me slow down a bit, choose my words a bit more carefully, and repeating student questions so they are on the recording, as well as easier for the entire class to hear.

I just wanted to let you know Tegrity worked like a charm during the snow storm.  As soon as the school closure announcement went out, I sent an email to my students and posted on the course Angel site, that they were to go to Tegrity and watch the lecture.  I also gave them an assignment based on the lecture to bring to class this week.  So this week we started up with a brief discussion on what they watched on Tegrity and then moved on, not behind at all.  And I received lots of very positive feedback from the students.

My students that use it love it.  I've received many positive comments from them. 

Comments from students

This is my first class using the Tegrity system to listen to a lecture. I absolutely love it, I think it is a great way to review what was said in class and I enjoy the fact that I am able to retrieve the information later when I want to study for an exam. I really wish more teachers would use this system, if for some reason I am unable to attend a class I never miss a beat because I am able to listen to what was discussed in class as well as listen to questions from other students who may have the same questions that I have. I feel that using Tegrity would also be great for online students who are not able to attend a lecture class, but would like to the ability to hear the information being discussed to aid with learning rather than just having visual examples.

Tegrity is a very well organized and beneficial program that I would encourage anyone to use-- teachers and students alike. Tegrity comes in handy everywhere from reviewing parts of a lecture to develop the finest notes to being able to keep up in a class even if you’ve had some typical sick days. This program is easy to use and even has the potential to dramatically help your grade! Imagine it… Being able to relive a moment that otherwise is impossible to recreate. You can even listen to the recordings during times that are convenient to you can even listen to the recordings as much as you would like.

I enjoy having the class recorded because it gives me a resource to go back to after the class has finished while I am reviewing my notes. If a topic in my notes isn't clear, I can just go back to the recording and re-listen to the class to clear up any misunderstandings. Also, I have used the recording for one day this quarter when I was too sick to go to school. Many students attend class even when they are sick just so they don't get behind on their notes, but by having the recordings they will be able to stay home and recover without getting behind in school.

Tegrity is an extremely helpful study aid for students.  I can go back, listen to the day's recording, and add anything I might have missed during class

I love that you use Tegrity because it gives me an opportunity to go back through the lectures in case I missed anything. And I like that when I listen to the lecture, I can also see the power point going along with it. It's a useful tool to have, especially if a student misses class. I even missed a day of class and having Tegrity as an option for me to go back and get what I missed helped take away some of the stress that I feel when I miss a class because I'm concerned about having missed important material. I'm very happy that I have a teacher that uses this.

Last quarter was the first time I had a teacher who used the recording program Tegrity. I had nothing but good experiences from the software. From a student's perspective, I think Tegrity is awesome. If anyone missed a class they could catch up by watching her latest recording on Angel and not be behind when they return to class. I used Tegrity when I was sick and missed nearly a week of school. Between the book and her recordings it was like I was never gone. It was also useful when we had accumulative exams because we were able to watch which ever section we had to review.  Like I said, we were able to watch which ever section we needed to, and instead of emailing the instructor we can just watch the videos. This must have taken a load off of her shoulders and made students feel better not having to wait all weekend for a response from an email. I believe it makes it easier on the teacher's part as well as the students' because the instructors don't have to reiterate themselves when it's already recorded.  Overall, I think Tegrity is absolutely marvelous and is a great help to students as well as instructors.