Esol 11 - Level 1 course materials

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ESOL 011 - Level 1 is the beginning course in the ESOL sequence.

Catalog Course Description: 

Beginning literacy level of English as a Second Language for students who are permanent residents of the State of Washington.  Students learn letters, numbers, and begin to develop reading and writing skills.  Students also learn to follow simple directions and learn some words and phrases.  This is a pass/no credit course.

 Prerequisites:  ESOL appraisal test.

 Course Content Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

        Read and print numbers and letters.

        Write sight words and copy lists of familiar words and phrases.

        Write simple sentences and phrases such as, "My name is _______."

        Provide personal information on forms.

        Recognize common forms of print found in the home and environment such as labels and product names.

        Perform routine entry-level jobs that require only the most basic written or oral English communication and in which job tasks can be demonstrated.

        Understand frequently used words in context and very simple phrases spoken slowly and with some repetition.

        Communicate simple survival needs and understand simple questions such as name, address, phone #.

 These outcomes will be demonstrated by class participation, teacher observation, completion of assignments, in-class writing, self-assessment exercises and successful achievement of state mandated competencies on a final level specific test.  Teachers will keep a portfolio of student work and complete a checklist of competencies, observed and documented, for each student.  These competencies are addressed in the mandated state competencies and the EFF rubric for this level.