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General Links Site maintained by our textbook publishers. Has up to date geological information, links to other classes, and geological links

Geological Society of America Home page of the largest Geoscience organization

American Geological Institute- Many items of interests, but this is a good site to get information on Careers in Geology

US Geological Survey Home Page

A Geologist's Lifetime Field List A list of "must-see" sights for geologists around the world. Many links to those sites

USGS Western Region Geologic Information Server

National Park Service

Color Landform Atlas of the United States Great maps of all the states. The maps come in many different formats and perspectives.

University of Washington Home Page

University of Washington Libraries

UW Course Equivalencies for Community Colleges in Washington

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Cascades Volcano Observatory HOME PAGE Information on all our local volcanoes, and many links to information on all the world's volcanoes

USGS site on the uplift near South Sister, Oregon

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Home Page

Alaska Volcano Observatory Home Page

VolcanoWorld Great information on currently active volcanoes

SIR-C/X-SAR image of Mt. Rainier

MTU Volcanoes Page Comprehensive source of information

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Washington State Department of Ecology Landslide Web Site

US Geological Survey landslide information

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Go to list of links for Interdisciplinary Science course on Climate and Global Change

Reports to the Nation: El Nino and Climate Prediction Excellent review of El Nino research

Ice Ages in the Mid-west Good review on the Ice Ages, the causes and affects, and the fauna of the period.

The Global Change Master Directory Clearinghouse for climate change information

USGS Global Change Research Program

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) Site maintained by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study the possible relationship between climate change and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

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Rivers and Groundwater

Virtual River web site- Excellent interactive site on the measurement of stream velocity and discharge

Green River Hydrograph - current Graph of the Green River's discharge near Auburn

Soos Creek Hydrograph - current Graph of Soos Creek's discharge at the fish hatchery

USGS stream data Information on stream flow in Washington

United States Geological Survey Water Resource Information

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Fossils & Earth History

Welcome to UC Museum of Paleontology! Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about fossils, evolution, and paleontology. A great site.

The PaleoNet Pages (West) A compendium of many paleontological sites all linked together in a circular "web". Some sites are great, others are not so great.

Questions about Evolution vs. Creationism Creationist's arguments are answered

Evolution/Creationism Other Web Sites Links to many WWW sites dealing with creationism, evolution, the age of the Earth, Noah's Flood etc.

The Talk.Origins Archive Web debates on evolution

Radiometric dating primer

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Earthquake Info From A listing and epicenter map of the world's most recent earthquakes - updated daily

Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon) Earthquake Information

CNSS Earthquake Catalog Search Search for past earthquakes by magnitude, location or both

Southern California Current Earthquake Information

USGS National Earthquake Information Center: Earthquake Information for the World

1998 Earthquake Hazards Investigation in Puget Sound News of recent studies of Puget Sound earthquakes by the USGS

Tsunami!: The WWW Tsunami Information Resource

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Plate Tectonics

This Dynamic Earth--Contents [USGS] A great source of information on the development of the theory of plate tectonics

Plate Tectonics -- Entry Page NASA site on plate tectonics - good background information

Earth History View paleogeographic reconstructions. Maps of continental motion through time and changing plate boundaries

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Minerals and Gems

Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection

U.S.G.S. Minerals page

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USGS Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology Homepage News on recent geological studies of the West Coast

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