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            Bob Filson: Geology 101,                                                                                                 


            Kathryn Hoppe: Geology 101, Geology 106, Geology 206, & Ocean 101


            Stephanie Jaeger: Ocean101                                                                  


            Katy Shaw: Geology 101, Geology 150, & Ocean 101                               

            Ruth Martin: Geology 106 (Winter Quarter only)                                   


Earth Science Courses offered at Green River:

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Lecture (Non-lab) Classes: 


 Field Trips in Geology (1 credit): 

Video Clips


Tsunami & other Damage from 3-11-2011 Earthquake in Japan:


Summary of Damage known on 3/11/2011 (4 minutes)

Tsunami spills over seawall in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture

Fire at a Foundry set off by Earthquake


Tsunami damage in USA:

 Santa Cruz, CA 1 / Santa Cruz, CA 2 / Kona, HI


NOVA Summary "Japan's Killer Quake" (54 min)




    Hawaii vs. Mt. St. Helens eruption 1980 & 2004

Pyroclastic Flows: Real world (Japan) vs Hollywood (Dante's Peak)

Pillow Basalts

    Lava flows: 'A'a vs. paheohoe

How Volcanoes Form

Volcanic Bombs (Iceland)


Mass Movements (Landslides etc):

    Sultan River, WA '04 /

 Debris Flows: Japan / CA - Debris Flow '03 

Rock Falls: Yosemite National Park

"Against the Elements: Outrunning a landslide"



Flooding: Houses float away AR & WI in '08



Time Lapse -Glacier Calving

Glaciers, Erosion, & Deposition in Yosemite



    Seattle Earthquake Simulation




Fossil Forests


PBS Special "The Dinosaur Wars"  

Velociraptor reconstruction on "Truth about Killer Dinosaurs" 

Evolution of the Earth



Slow Motion Water Droplet

Icicle of Death" grows under Antartic ice sheet



Formation of the Moon

 Formation of the Moon - 2

Earth from the International Space Station (2 min)

Earth from the International Space Station (7 min)




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