Working Together to Serve the Community


I would like to welcome you to the Green River Community College Geographic Information System program website. Our goal is to develop GIS professionals who are critical thinkers to meet current and future industrial demands.

GRCC GIS program is committed to high quality education and training to generate successful GIS technicians and analysts. Our GIS program is known for:

  • Our training not only introduces the software, but familiarizes students with the principles and concepts behind the software.

  • Our courses enhance the student's education with hands-on experience giving them a direct opportunity to implement their knowledge in their discipline of interest.

  • GIS Project Planning, GIS Project, GIS Special Topics and Independent Study courses are offered as well and are designed to accommodate any area of student's interest .

  • Working in the community is a significant part of our GIS program. We work closely with the GIS community to give students an opportunity to experience a real world GIS setting through internships.

I always strive to facilitate the communication and connection between my students and the GIS professional community. The support of many local GIS industries in providing internships for our students has been invaluable. Working with community GIS centers provides mutual and reciprocal benefits to our program and the community.  In the past, we have collaborated with cities, counties, and private sectors to implement some of their projects.

 I am very proud of our GIS Alliance club, which is run by students with excitement and eagerness to reach out to work closely within the GIS profession. Green River will continue to enhance the GIS program so that it provides the society with skilled GIS professionals ready to serve our community.

Sabah Jabbouri
GIS Instructor

GIS Continuing Ed Classes