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Diamante is a seven-line, diamond-shaped poem created by Dr. Iris Tiedt of San Jose State University.  The diamante is a poem of contrast, beginning with a noun, gradually revealing differences, and moving to a noun that is opposite of the original word.  Do not be concerned with rhyme or rhythm.

The pattern is as follows:

two adjectives
three participles (-ing or -ed verb form)
four nouns related to subject making transition to opposite idea
three participles (-ing or -ed verb form)
two adjectives

An example:

Tiny, Vegetarian
Wiggling, Darting, Hiding
Gills, Water, Air, Lungs
Leaping, Splashing, Swimming
Carnivorous, Large

Notice how each half of the Diamante mirrors the other half.  So Tiny is mirrored by Large, Hiding is mirrored by Leaping, Gills is mirrored by Lungs.

Now try your hand at it.  Write a Diamante that compares and contrasts the Marine Sea Otter Fur Frontier with the In-Land Beaver Fur Frontier. Use the Names of early explorers and fur traders, as well as locations whenever possible.

Begin with "Sea Otter" and end with "Beaver."

Sea Otter
-------, -------, -------
-------, -------, -------, -------
-------, -------, -------
-------, -------

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