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Bruce Haulman was born in 1943 and grew up in Washington, D.C. and Panama City, Florida.

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"Cowboy"  Bruce Age 4

First Boat Age 6

He earned a BA in American Studies from Stetson University (yes named after the famous hat family and known as the Stetson Hatters !), his MA in International Relations from Florida State University, did doctoral work in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin (Ph.C) and received his Doctorate (Ph.D) from the University of Washington.

Dr. Haulman and Dr. Filson at Graduation

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Pam and Me

With My Father in Scotland

Bruce is married to Pam (a Kindergarten Teacher !) and they have four children who range in age from 29 to 36, and five grandchildren 2, 4, 8, 13 and 20.   Bruce's father, Austin, who was 99 years old died in September 2006.  He is missed!

The Four "Wretched Children"

The "Wretches" with Pam Mother's Day 2010

Michael Graduation Party  - 19

Courtney in New Zealand  - 12

Ellie - 6

Emerson - at 22 months

Addie- at 4 months

Bruce and Pam live on Vashon Island where they met.  Their home, in Ellisport, is called Vashon Heaven because one of Pam's aunts who once lived on Vashon always said, "Most people say they live on Vashon Island, but I always tell them I live in Vashon Heaven."

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The Sunrise View from Vashon Heaven

Pam's Geraniums, Vashon Heaven

Bruce and Pam spend much of their time on the beach, in their garden (which was in Sunset Magazine in August 2005), or on their boat "Vashona."  The Vashona is named after one of the mosquito fleet boats built in Dockton, on Maury Island, in 1921.   The Vashona worked the run from Burton on Quartermaster Harbor, to Tacoma, stopping at all the docks in the harbor to haul passengers and freight.


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The Vashona Approaching Burton Dock @ 1923

The "New" Vashona

 Bruce is also active on Vashon Island serving on the Board of The Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association (VMIHA), and is a Founding Faculty member of Vashon College.  He also directs the Quartermaster Yacht Club/Vashon Park District Summer Youth Sailing Program, and is a member of Bob's Your Uncle, a local band that plays a mix of bluegrass, country, ballads, celtic, and jazz.  Bruce also actively carves with Tlingit Master Carver Israel Shotridge, and is writing a history of Vashon Island entitled Vashon: The Natural and Human History of an Island.

Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association
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Vashon College 1900

QYC/VPD Summer Youth Sailing Program

Bob's Your Uncle playing at the Camp Bloom Benefit


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Tlingit Master Carver Israel Shotridge

Bruce Carving


Vashon: The Natural and Human History of an Island
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