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Energy and Our Environment

You can think of this as a class about "Energy and Our Environment" or you can think of it as a class about science itself.  Throughout the year we will investigate energy, sources of energy and its influence on our environment.  As we do that, we will learn a lot about what science is and how scientists work.

Pay attention to the way we learn in this class.  There won't be a lot of memorization of stuff that we read in textbooks.  We'll spend most of our time doing investigations with our hands and learning about the processes of science by actually doing them.

There aren't a lot of prerequisites for this class.  If you can do the math in Math 72, you are probably set to go.  The truth is that everybody does science all of the time, although most people don't notice when we are doing it.  If you have an interest in the world around you and you want to learn how scientists study that world, this course is for you.



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