Geology 106 - Dinosaurs!

This class will return in Fall 2013



Syllabus, Part 1: Logistics

Syllabus, Part 2: Class Schedule

Syllabus Review: Due at start of class on 1/7/2013


Dinosaur World Poster Project

        Poster Resources:

          Taxonomy and Locality info: Paleobiology Database


          Encyclopedia of Paleontology (restricted access for GRCC Students)

The Paleontology Portal    

Reading/ Lecture Guides   

Study Guides

In class Handouts Winter 2012:


Useful web links:

The DinoDictionary: list of 300+ Dinosaur names (including pronunciation)

for the Latest News on New Dinosaur Discoveries


Video Clips:


Fossil Forests


PBS Special "The Dinosaur Wars"


Velociraptor reconstruction on "Truth about Killer Dinosaurs"


Evolution of the Earth





On-line Museum Exibits:

Skulls: An on-line exhibit by the California Academy of Sciences

University of California Museum of Paleontology: (UCMP) Home Page:

UCMP Exhibits: Dinosauria / DinoBuzz / Dilophosaurus / Flight / Fossil Eggshell /

Life Through Time / Archosauria


Museum of the Rockies (MT) - Dinosaur Exhibit



Geologic time Scale:


Official Geologic Time Scale from the Geological Society of America


Interactive Time Scale from Enchanted Learning




Recommended children's books about Dinosaurs

& other Fossil Animals