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Week 1- Introduction to Maps

Week 2- Plate Tectonics

Week-3-Ocean Basins (Spring 2010)

Week 4- Plankton & Ocean Sediments Part 1 & Part 2

Lab 5- Climate Part 1 (Hurricanes) & Part 2 (Climate Change)

Answers to Life in The Ocean - Part 1 & Part 2


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Study Guide Exam #1 - Winter 2011


Study Guide Exam #2 - Winter 2011


Study Guide Exam #3 - Winter 2011


Study Guide for Exam #4 - Spring 2011


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Useful web links for Labs etc.

Video of Tsunami and other Damage from 8.9 Quake 3-11-2011

Summary of Damage known on 3/11/2011 (4 minutes)

Tsunami comes ashore near Sendai

A town on the coast of Miyagi Prefecture (Japan) is hit by the wave. Video from NHK by way of PBS.

Tsunami spills over seawall in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture

Fire at a Foundry set off by Earthquake


Tsunami damage in the USA

Santa Cruz Harbor 1 Santa Cruz Harbor 2 (CA)  Kona (HI)


Tides Handout:

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Tide Info

Weird water facts:

    Video - Water drops 

Lab #1 - Reading Maps:

     Latitude and Longitude Review

Latitude and Longitude Practice exercise

Lab #2 - Plate Tectonics:

Lab #3 - Feature of the Ocean Floor:

Lab # 4 Marine Plankton & Fisheries

Lab # 5 - Climate Change Lab: 


Hurricane Info:


Carbon Dioxide Levels 


CO2 levels & Antarctic Temperatures    


Burning of Fossil Fuels   


US Temperature Record


Global Temperature Record


Washington State Department of Ecology


Time series of CO2 in Atmopshere


Lab - Salinity of Sea Water:

            "Icicle of Death" video




Life in the Oceans Lab:


Part 1: UC Museum of Paleontology- History of Life Exhibit

Part 2: Coral Reefs