Kris Kissel

Mathematics Division -

Left: Me, Right: Juan Manfredi

(my Master's Thesis adviser)


Stuff I've Written

This is my Ph.D. Dissertation: Generalizations of a result of Lewis and Vogel

And here's my Master's Thesis: Viscosity Solutions of Second Order Partial Differential Equations.


Project TIME

I was a steering committee member for Project TIME -- an outreach project of Green River College.  It was also a partnership with local school districts.  We aimed to educate parents and students in both high school and middle school about the importance of taking as much math as possible in school -- and not to stop after they've satisfies the minimum requirements for graduation.  To further this end, we developed a new course for high school students who would like to continue taking math after the second year of algebra but who might not be interested in the calculus track.  To learn more, visit the web site for Project TIME.



Careers In Math

I'm often asked what jobs one can get with a major in Mathematics.  A mathematics degree opens a lot more doors than most people think.  In addition to the obvious path (teaching), the training in logic and problem-solving skills prepares one to be a software engineer, actuary, cryptologist, engineering analyst, financial planner, investment analyst, technical writer, securities broker -- and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here's a pretty good list of such jobs I found online at Rutger's, and here's a page of profiles of recent graduates in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington, including their backgrounds and the jobs they found because of their degrees.


Links to Math Stuff

Millennium Prize Problems (Clay Mathematics Institute) -- Solve one of these and you win $1 million!

Two-Plus-Two Publishing -- I'm very interested in Poker, and this site has a discussion forum with lots of information about math -- particularly about probability and game theory.






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