10 Ways To Make Chemistry HARD

(in no particular order)

  1. Don't bother to  be prepared for class: Don't do homework or only bother to do so on an irregular basis.

  2. Leave your book and other class materials in your car, or anywhere other than where they are needed so you can't study, do homework,  or bring them to class with you.

  3. Leave your lab book at home on lab days, especially if you didn't do your pre-lab assignment.

  4. Lead as active of a social life as possible: party whenever the opportunity arises, never pass up  chance to see your favorite band, hit the slopes when the snow is good, hone your video game skills, keep current with your favorite TV programs, get the most out of your NetFlix subscription (or be on a first name basis with every employee at your local Blockbuster store), go out with friends nightly and work as many hours as possible maintain a quality social life.

  5. Save paper: don't show your work or explain your answers.

  6. Save time: don't bother with using units or significant figures when you do calculations.

  7. Don't participate actively with your group: Don't seek help from or give help to others in your group and definitely don't make corrections to your ALE's and lab reports.

  8. Keep telling yourself that deadlines don't matter: come to class unprepared and turn in your work late.

  9. Make your handwriting in your lab book, homework and on tests as illegible as possible.

  10. No need to get the amount of sleep your body and mind require: Stay up late at night working, partying, watching videos, chatting online or listening to music since you  can always catch up on your sleep during class time!



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