Chem 161-162-163 Portfolio Policy

Portfolio Grading Policy

A score will be assigned to each ALE and homework assignment in your portfolio based on the following criteria…

      Score                    Criteria for Score

 10 points    The assignment has a stamp, all questions are answered neatly and completely; All responses have been checked with your team and/or answer key and corrections made—it’s high quality   work & quite obvious that a conscientious effort was made.

7 to 8 pts    The assignment has a stamp, but the assignment is not complete, is messy and/or some questions were not checked or corrected.

5 points      The same as for 10 points, but assignment does not have a stamp

2 to 3 pts    The same as for 7 to 8 points, but assignment does not have a stamp

0 points       The assignment does not have a stamp, is very incomplete and of low quality—it’s obvious that a conscientious effort was not made to complete the work.

Freebie (FB) Rule: 

In each portfolio you are allowed one “Freebie” assignment w/o a stamp. If a reasonable effort has been made to complete the assignment, then the 1st assignment w/o a stamp will be scored as a stamped assignment according to the criteria above.  However, the 2nd assignment w/o a stamp follows the scoring criteria above for assignments w/o a stamp.


Follow these guidelines when making corrections to ALE's

-     "Check" Policy: Indicate if a response is correct by clearly recording a “check", , next to the question number of all questions that you have checked with your team and/or answer key and have made corrections to (if needed). Do not delay getting help from your team, a tutor and/or the instructor for any ALE question that you do not understand.

-     For incorrect or incomplete responses: Corrections and additions should be clearly indicated by using another color pen or by using a highlighter to highlight the correction or addition. Do not erase incorrect responses—simple cross them out by putting a line through your original answer.

-     If space permits, write your corrections/additions next to your original response. Do not erase incorrect responses—simply cross them out by neatly putting a line through your original answer. Be original when making corrections and answering questions. Do not simply copy answers from the textbook, answer keys or from other students—this is of no help to you as little learning will take place. 

-     Make corrections on separate paper only if there is insufficient space next to your original response.  Clearly indicate on the top of the 1st page of the assignment and next to the individual questions that corrections are on separate paper stapled to the last page. Number your corrections as the original questions are numbered.