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Instructor: Ken Marr

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Acknowledgement: Most of the ALE's on this page have been adapted from similar "Workshop" assignments that were written by and most generously given to me by Ken Martin of Berry College while attending a "POGIL" summer workshop at Boise State University during the summer of 2007.

ALE 1. Uncertainty in Measurement

ALE 2. Significant Figures          Big Sig Fig Gig Tutorial Video

ALE 3. SI Units of Measure, Factor-Label Method & Unit Conversions

ALE 4. Physical and Chemical Properties       Simulation of the States of Matter (PhET)

ALE 5. Classification of Matter

ALE 6. Atomic Structure      

ALE 7. Formulas of Ionic & Molecular Compounds

ALE 8. Nomenclature of Binary Molecular Compounds

ALE 9. Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds and Acids                 Mnemonic for 5 common -ate ions!!

ALE 9x. Chemical Nomenclature Flowchart, List of Elements and Polyatomic Ions and Practice Problems with Answer Key

ALE 10. Average Atomic Mass & the Mole

ALE 11. Molar Mass, Empirical Formula, & Percent Composition

ALE 12.   The Mole Concept

ALE 13.   Stoichiometry: Mole-Mass Relationships in Chemical Systems 

ALE 13x.  Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield Practice     

ALE 14.  Molarity

ALE 15. Electrolytes and Precipitation Reactions

ALE 16. Strong versus Weak Electrolytes and Acid-Base  Reactions      Simulation of Weak vs. Strong Acids (PhET)

ALE 17. Redox Reactions: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

ALE 18. Reactions in Solution

ALE 19. Acid-Base, Redox Reactions + an Introduction to Chemical Equilibrium

ALE 20. Physical States of Matter, Gas Pressure and its Measurement

ALE 21. Ideal Gases and the Gas Laws          Simulation of Gas Properties (PhET)

ALE 22. The Ideal Gas Law

ALE 23. Mixtures of Gases

ALE 24. Ideal Gases, Real Gases and the Kinetic Molecular Theory

ALE 25. The First Law of Thermodynamics 

ALE 26. Energy Changes (DE) and Enthalpy Changes (DH) in Chemical Reactions

ALE 27. Hess's Law

ALE 28.  Hessís Law and Standard Enthalpies of Formation   (the last ALE of the quarter )

© Kenneth R. Marr 2003