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Chemical Databases

  1. NIST Standard Reference Database: searchable database of structures and physical and chemical properties of for nearly any compound

  2. Web Elements Periodic Table: Use this site to find data for all elements, form ionization energies (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) electron affinity, electronic configuration, electronegativity, crystalline structure, density,  thermal properties y mucho mas. Simply click on an element in the periodic table and then select the property you are interested in from the column to the left.

  3. ChemfFinder: database of structures and other chemical information. Search by chemical name, CAS Number, Molecular Formula or Weight.

Animations and Simulated Experiments

  1. Animation Center for Silberberg's Chemistry Textbook, 3rd edition

  2. Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for General Chemistry

  3. PHET Interactive Chemistry Simulations

  4. Khan Academy Chemistry Tutorial Videos

  5. General Chemistry Interactive Simulations

  6. General Chemistry Animations and Multimedia

  7. Ideal Gas Simulation #1

  8. Ideal Gas Simulation #2

  9. Rutherford's gold foil experiment

  10. Animation of NaCl dissolving in water        Another animation of NaCl dissolving in water      

  11. Measurement of Vapor Pressure               Vapor pressure experiment

  12. Unit Cells:  Simple Cubic      Body Centered Cubic      Face Centered Cubic

  13. Colligative Properties: Boiling-point elevation and freezing-point depression experiment

  14. Weighing Gases

  15. Density and Buoyancy

  16. Nuclear Decay and Neutron Activation Analysis 

  17. Nuclear Decay and Neutron Activation Analysis: new version - quicker loading - new system of Unknowns 

  18. Ice Bomb

  19. Drop Calorimeter - Determination of Heat Capacity

  20. Bomb Calorimeter - Heats of Combustion

  21. Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization -Isoteniscope Method

  22. Spectrophotometry   (theory:  Spectrophotometry)

  23. Iodine Clock Reaction

  24. Thermodynamics of Batteries

  25. Chiral Molecules

Uncertainty Calculator 

Review of Mathematical Skills: Self-Tests and Tutorials

Problem Solving

Learning and Problem Solving Articles

Includes the A thru E Approach to Problem Solving.

Chemical Nomenclature: Self-Tests and Tutorials

Balancing Chemical Equations 

  1. Balancing Chemical Reactions

  2. Balancing Chemical Reactions Self-Test: Level I    Level 2   Level 3

  3. Equation Balancer. Type in the formulae of reactants and products and obtain a balanced chemical equation, including molar mass and reacting mass ratio data. Javascript programme.


Introduction to Stoichiometry: Interactive Exercise
Stoichiometry: Self-Tests and Tutorials

Calculating Mass Percentage of an Element from Chemical Formula  (Self Test and Tutorial)

Molecular Mass and Percent-by-Mass Calculator. Type in a formula and obtain the data.

Solution Chemistry


Gas Laws:  Self-Tests and Tutorials

Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics

Lewis Structures, Molecular Structure and Intermolecular Attractions

  1. VRML File Creator for Chemical Structures

  2. Forming Lewis Structures of Simple Molecules and Ions: Self-Test and Tutorial

  3. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)

  4. Animated Molecular Structures for all the major VSEPR formulas and short descriptions of each molecule

  5. Molecular Structures: Many small organic molecules. Complete with indexes for functional group; molecular type, alphabetical, and formula.

  6. Structure of Basic Organic Compounds and Basic Nomenclature. Tutorial, self-tests, with answers, are provided.

  7. Javascript search engine for organic compounds

  8. Intermolecular Interactions

  9. Gallery of 3-D Models of Atomic and Molecular Orbitals


Oxidation/Reduction Chemistry

Chemical Equilibrium

  • Level 1: Calculate Ksp from Solubility

  • Level 2: Calculate Solubility from Ksp

  • Level 3: Calculate Solubility from Ksp with Common Ions


Electrochemistry:  Self-Tests and Tutorials



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