Resources to Share Amongst POGIL Conference Participants

at Boise State University--July 12-14, 2007


Please Note:

  1. Group Management Tools
  1. General Chemistry Collaborative and POGIL Style Worksheets, Activities and Labs
  1. High School Chemistry Guided Inquiry Lesson Plans by Jason Neil


  2. Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations  by Tom Greenbowe (Iowa St. University)


  3. General Chemistry Labs produced by Peter Jeschofnig, PhD, Professor of Science, Colorado Mountain College

Many of these labs can be easily changed to be POGIL-style lab activities--I have contacted Peter and have his blessings to do so.

·  Coins R US

·  Popcorn Quality Control

·  Solubility Rules

·  Product Research (Stoichiometry)

·  Baking Powder (Stoichiometry)

·  Enthalpy Change (Hess' Law)

·  Vinegar Titration

·  Activity Series