Week 1 Big Ideas in Environmental Science


Read the following paragraph in purple text

Please Note that some of the opportunities for developing your understanding  of Environmental Science content in this class are (Required) and some are (Recommended). If you have a new text, an ebook, or a newly purchased access code you can take advantage of the (Recommended) learning tools on the MyEnviromentPlace  by creating an account at this website by following the instructions on the first page of your text book. There are case studies, animations, tools to learn about data presentation, and most importantly "Vocabulary" tools on the MyEnviromentPlace.


Reading (Required)


Case Studies Chapter 1  (Required)

Case Study #1Ecological Footprints  (CS#1) (20pts).(Go to TV Guide Due Date Menu on Angel Website for due dates) Locate this case study in the UNIT ONE folder

The case study assignments get posted in the dropbox designated for this assignment (e.g. cs1 dropbox), as attachments!  Look in the UNIT TWO folder under the LESSONS tab to find this designated dropbox, The attachment should include the questions for the assignment (in this case from the text) and your responses. Always save the document to your hard drive and follow the directions provided in the How To Use Angel tutorials for doing attachments in dropboxes found on your Angel Homepage. Enter your responses in the  document  saving as you go and when you have completed the assignment post it as an attachment in the designated dropbox as an.  Use your text book and cite page references where appropriate. For example ENV p101.

I encourage you to use your book as well as other websites that you can google to obtain information. However remember that not all information and content on every website is actually true. Always subject your selected informational websites by first evaluating them using the criteria on this website (http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/mcvay/CT/evalofweb.htm )

Introduction E-mail (Required)


Part 1 of this assignment gets e-mailed to me and posted in the Personal Introduction Forum (Lesson's Tab--> UNIT 1 Folder).

Part 2 gets posted in the Student Interaction Forum Only

This is a two  part assignment. Both parts must be completed in order to earn the points associated with this assignment. After you have registered for the course, you must contact the instructor by email on or before the date listed on the due dates page.  The first contact is worth 20 points.  Any first contact email received after the deadline will receive 0 points; however, you must send this email even if it is late.  I would strongly suggest that you compose this assignment in a word processor, save a copy on your hard drive and then copy and paste it in to an email message.   Saving a copy of all assignments is a good idea.  As I have mentioned before the Internet can be unreliable.  If you have a saved copy and something happens to your email you won't have to redo the assignment.

Part 1: Email Content To Instructor (mmcvay@greenriver.edu)

Briefly tell me a little about yourself -- you may include anything that you think will help me know you better but answer these four questions.   

1.      Tell me about yourself and tell me why you chose an online course?  If you have taken an online course before, tell me about your experiences with it (them) particularly what you liked and didn't like. 

2.      What kind of computer equipment are you using?  Be specific in answering this question.  Go Here and address each of the requirements. 

3.      Describe your assessment of your computer skills and internet proficiency.   A one word answer such as good, OK or average doesn't tell me much about your skills.  Explain your answer so that I know what you mean when you say average.   For example, what can you do and how long have you been doing it?

4.      Tell me your answers to each question on the Online Questionnaire.  Write the numbers one  to 15 and beside each number, indicate the letter of your choice of answers.  If any are C, include the question and tell me why you do not think this will interfere with your success in this course. (The questionnaire will not score automatically and sending a copy to me will not preserve your answers.)

5.      In addition to sending this information to me in a regular, old fashion e-mail (from whatever e-mail account you are using for this class) to my GRCC e-mail address, I want you to post your personal introduction in the Personal Introduction Forum. See object by that name in this same folder and click on it. Introduce yourself to the class. Tell us information about yourself that you would like to make public and that you think would help others in the class get to know you better. It doesn't have to be the identical information you send me but there should be some grain of similarity. It could be the same information that you e-mail me, it just doesn't have to be!!!!

Part 2 In the Student Interaction Forum post your ideas about the following.

1.      Read the page describing Posting guidelines page and give me your reactions. Say more than I agree. Tell me what you agree with and why.  I expect you to respond to all 10 issues raised on this page (numbering your responses 1-10 is a good idea).  Tell me what you found when you followed the Netiquette link when you respond to issue number ten.  Anytime I assign a website (like the netiquette link), I want you to talk about specific information on that site.  Don't just say "the page has information about the rules of etiquette for using the internet".  You could say that without ever having visited the site.  Find several specific things that intrigue you, say what they are and what you think about them.  Including specific content from an assigned website is the only way I know you visited the site and read the material on it.  Without this I will assume you did not read the material. Finally, make intellectually stimulating and inciteful comments about two or more of your classmate's comments on the Netiquette article as their postings become available.


Go to TV Guide Due Date document on ANGEL Website for due dates