Week 2 Environmental Thinking and Ethics

Reading  (Required)

Environment Chapters 1& 2

At the website below


click Biological Thinking and then click and read each of the following pages, Big Ideas, Scientific Method and Things that are alive

At the same website  http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/mcvay/ click on the critical thinking link and read the information provided in the links labeled  the elements of thought, intellectual standards, helping students assess their thinking.

On the Angel website under the Lecture menu read the E-notes through organization of nature.

Practice Test 1, available on the Angel website.  (Required)

Located under the Lesson's Tab -->UNIT ONE folder, titled Practice Test #1 This is online exam will cover chapters 1 and 2 plus the reading assignments from the week1 and week2 assignment documents. It will be worth 50 points. The questions are all multiple choice. Once you click the link you are expected to finish the practice test. Angel will time you out if it does not detect activity. Please click the submit button before you try and print out the exam for study purposes. 

Case Studies Chapter 1 (Required)

Case Study #1 Ecological Footprint and data table construction (CS#1) (20pts).(Go to TV Guide Due Date Menu on Angel Website for due dates) Locate this case study in the UNIT ONE folder

The case study assignments get posted in the dropbox designated for this assignment (e.g. cs1 dropbox), as attachments!  Look in the UNIT TWO folder under the LESSONS tab to find this designated dropbox, The attachment should include the questions for the assignment (in this case from the text) and your responses. Always save the document to your hard drive and follow the directions provided in the How To Use Angel tutorials for doing attachments in dropboxes found on your Angel Homepage. Enter your responses in the  document  saving as you go and when you have completed the assignment post it as an attachment in the designated dropbox as an.  Use your text book and cite page references where appropriate. For example ENV p101.

I encourage you to use your book as well as other websites that you can google to obtain information. However remember that not all information and content on every website is actually true. Always subject your selected informational websites by first evaluating them using the criteria on this website (http://www.instruction.greenriver.edu/mcvay/CT/evalofweb.htm )


Discussion Forum: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4  (Required)

Discussion Forum #1 (df1) (20pts) The directions/topics for discussion are repeated  in the discussion forum #1 link in the UNIT ONE folder under the LESSONS tab on the ANGEL website.  Post your responses in the designated discussion forum (df1) giving consideration to the scoring rubric document posted in the START HERE FIRST folder. 

The following is true for all of the discussion forums in this class, df1, df2, df3, df4, and df5. You won't be able to see anyone's post until you post your initial response. After making deep, reflective comments on at least two of your peers submission, remember you can always improve your answer in your final post. If you don't make deep and reflective comments on at least two of your peers submission you will automatically have 5pts deducted, regardless of the quality of your initial or final post.  Deep and reflective comments about your peers work is more than saying things like, "oh, that is nice, or so good." Deep and reflective comments explain why, how, when, where, and what is clear, accurate, precise, significant, deep, broad, logical, about your peers submission.

Observational Diary (OD1) (Required)

Observational Diary (OD1) (15pts) See directions in the syllabus or by clicking the Observational Diary (OD1) link in the UNIT ONE folder under the LESSONS tab on the ANGEL website.  Post your responses in the designated discussion forum (OD1) giving consideration to the scoring rubric provided in the directions for this assignment. The quantity, quality,  as well as point deductions of all of your peer comments for all subsequent observational diary assignments will need to follow the same criteria as reflected in the relevant paragraph in the above section on Discussion forum #1.

Don't wait until the day the final post is due to post your initial post.