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Classes offered Fall Quarter of 2017
 Beginning September 25, 2017


ASTR&101 Introduction to Astronomy (5 Credits) for general sceince and lab science credit.
  Concepts of the Physical World (5 Credits) for general science and lab science credit.
PHYS&114  General Physics I with Lab (5 Credits). First of a three quarter algebra based physics sequence
PHYS&221  Engineering Physics I with Lab (5 Credits). Calculus based sequence for scientists and engineers.
PHYS&222  Engineering Physics II with Lab (5 Credits). Calculus based sequence for scientists and engineers.
PHYS&223  Engineering Physics III with Lab (5 Credits). Calculus based sequence for scientists and engineers.


Additional information about these classes and others offered around the year can be found in the current college catalog. You can find the complete class schedule for Green River Community College, more catalog information, academic policies and the academic calendar here.


Class schedule
A quick overview is below
. Please consult the printed schedule to double check this information. Class locations are listed along the top  row and common meeting times and days  are noted down the first column of the table. If a class meets at a special time and day, then that information is noted specifically with the class information.   SC 101, 109, 117 and 120 are rooms in the Marv Nelson Science Center at the main campus in Auburn. Kent 312 is at the branch campus in Kent.


  SC 117 MW SC 117 TTh SC 120 MW SC 120 TTh SC 109A SC 101 MW
7:30 AM PHYS& 221 A PHYS& 221 B    
8:00 AM Daily Daily    
8:30 AM Solomonson Clay    
9:00 AM PHYS& 222 A PHYS& 221 C PHYS& 110 A  
9:30 AM MTThF Daily MTThF  
10:00 AM Battle Clay Bennie-George  
10:30 AM PHYS& 221 D PHYS& 114 A ASTR& 101 A  
11:00 AM Daily Daily MTThF  
11:30 AM Solomonson Stubbs Narayanan  
12:00 PM PHYS& 222 B  PHYS& 114 D    
12:30 PM MTThF MTThF    
1:00 PM Battle Bennie-George    
1:30 PM PHYS& 221 E PHYS& 114 B/154 A  PHYS& 110 B  
2:00 PM Daily MTThF MTWTh  
2:30 PM Solomonson Narayanan Tomlinson  
3:00 PM PHYS& 222 C PHYS& 114 C PHYS& 110 C Astr& 101 B
4:00 PM Battle Narayanan Tomlinson Rush
4:30 PM PHYS& 223 A PHYS& 114 U PHYS& 110 D  
5:30 PM Stubbs Davidson Bennie-George  
6:00 PM        
6:30 PM PHYS& 221 U PHYS& 114 V     Astr& 101 U
7:00 PM MW MW     MW
7:30 PM Tomlinson Davidson     Rush
8:00 PM          
8:30 PM          
9:00 PM