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Welcome to the Physics and Astronomy department at Green River College.

We believe that students learn best when they are challenged to ask  questions and find answers for themselves. Scientists afterall cultivate the art of asking questions and observing Mother Nature until she answers.

Green River College physics students often can't find the boundary between lecture and lab class. Computers and equipment fill our classrooms. The best teachers are students with equipment in their hands. Green River College physics  students are encouraged to question each other and teach each other as they teach themselves. 

We have courses aimed at students in science, engineering, pre-med, drafting and allied heath sciences. We also have courses aimed at students looking to fulfill the general science and lab science requirement and for those looking to understand our physical world for simple intellectual enrichment. Our emphasis on student-centered active-learning methods of instruction makes learning physics and astronomy fun and fruitful.

Green River College is a public two-year college where students from all over the world come together to learn, grow and enrich their lives. The main campus, founded in the Lea Hill neighborhood of Auburn in 1965, stretches over 180 acres of beautifully forested land. Branch campuses in downtown Auburn, Kent and Enumclaw, bring the unique educational experiences of our college to local communities. We offer several physics classes at the Kent branch campus every quarter.

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Physicd department pictures.