Welcome to Physics 223

Physics 223 is the third quarter of a three-quarter sequence called Physics for Science and Engineering. This is often referred to as the calculus-based physics sequence. It will be a hands-on and minds-on exploration of the principles of physics.

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Assignments and Calendar are available on FlipIt Physics  (click HERE for login instructions)

This course lays the groundwork for further topics. Physics 222 (or the equivalent) is a prerequisite as is completion of or concurrent enrollment in Math 153. Students interested in electrical engineering, physics, astronomy, and computer science should also take Physics 229 and Physics 225. Physics 223 may be taken concurrently with Physics 229 and Physics 225 (Physics 222 is a prerequisite).

You may find an the official course description for Physics 223 here.

Last updated September 10, 2018
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