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Society of Physics Students @ Green River Community College

Green River College's SPS Chapter wins award for region!
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The Society of Physics Students is a national student organization. Membership is open to anyone interested in physics. SPS members compete in contests, watch films, work on projects, and visit sites of scientific interest. You can learn more about the national organization at

Green River CC is proud to have one of the most active Society of Physics Students chapters of any two-year college in the nation. SPS members at Green River College have majored in everything from physics to engineering to art.

All are welcome at SPS Meetings!
You don't need to be a member to attend.

Green River Community College Society of Physics Students members visit the North American Eagle, possibly the fastest land vehicle in the world.

Ajay Narayanan advises the SPS chapter at Green River College and serves on the national board of SPS in Washington, DC.

Membership in SPS at Green River gives students a chance to learn about science far beyond the content of their science classes. Green River College SPS chapter has watched films on string theory and visited a supersonic car. SPS members have worked on building a muti-processor computer cluster and assembling a detector of cosmic rays. All of the topics investigated by SPS are chosen by the student members. The activities of the club are limited only by time and imagination.