Paying for college is a challenge for most students. Please see our Money for College Web site for information on resources to help you. This site includes information about financial aid, scholarships, and payment plan options.

Required Nursing text books vary in price. The total cost can run you anywhere from $600 to $1,000.

After acceptance into the program, you will receive printed materials on how to order your uniform. You will need them the first week of fall quarter. The price of uniforms ranges from $250-300.

  • Uniform top - $15- $18
  • Uniform pants - $17- $25
  • Lab coat - $30
  • Shoes - $35 and up
  • Name tag - $8
  • Safety glasses - $7
  • Bandage scissors - $10
  • Stethoscope - $45 and up
  • Watch with second hand - $30
  • Gait belt - $12 - 30
  • Blood Pressure Cuff (Sphygmomanometer) - $30 and up

You will be required to purchase student professional liability insurance for approximately $20 a year.

Students are encouraged to acquire comprehensive health and accident insurance that will provide continuous coverage during his or her participation in the education program.

Background Check: Cleared certified background check by  $50 (Paid by student)

Vaccinations: 2-Step TB Skin Test, MMR or titer, Hepatitis B and titer, Varicella or titer, and flu shot for the current season. Check with Public Health Department or your family physician.

Nursing Central

Smarphone/electronic wireless device: $200 and up

Lab Fees: Approximately $1,050

AHA Approved Infant and Adult CPR Course and Card:   $50- $75

State Board Fees (NCLEX):  $250-$300