Student Testimonials

Linda Henslee

"The Green River Nursing Program provided me with a foundation of medical knowledge and skills that will allow me to build any type of nursing career I desire." 

- Linda Henslee, Kent, Washington, Age 56

Question: How did you hear about Green River, why did you decide to attend?

Linda: When I was looking for a nursing program I heard many wonderful things about Green River, so I decided to attend.

Question: How did you get interested in the nursing program at Green River Community College?

Linda: When I was in the hospital having my beautiful daughter, Jenapher, I felt true appreciation for the care I was given by the labor and delivery nurses, and that inspired me to become a nurse and help others.

Question: What did you like about attending Green River Community College?

Linda: I loved the campus. It was convenient and close to my home and the program was very affordable.

Question: How have the skills you gained helped you?

Linda: When I took the LPN exam, I felt completely prepared. I studied for the exam with a student who was about to take the associate degree RN boards, and I could answer her study questions as well as my own.

Question: Where do you work?

Linda: I work in an infectious disease clinic in Puyallup called, Infections Limited.

Question: What do you do?

Linda: My job is to evaluate the traveler's trip and based on health issues, allergies and current medications, I advise the person on vaccine recommendations. I also administer the vaccinations and counsel patients on food, water and insect precautions. We write prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis and traveler's diarrhea treatment when necessary and any other prescriptions they may need for the trip.