The Physical Therapist Assistant Program is committed to the mission of Green River College to “improve the lives of people within our diverse communities by providing quality education and training programs”, specifically, to prepare individuals to practice as Physical Therapist Assistants. The guiding purpose of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to prepare graduates for practice under the supervision of a physical therapist. Toward this purpose, the program is designed to provide a broad range of educational experiences that will enable the graduate to have the skills required for entry level practice.

The curriculum is designed to develop proficiency in the body of skills, attitudes, and knowledge that are necessary for entry level practice. Believing that affective domain (behavioral and attitudinal) issues are often the critical elements in successful employment, the program is committed to helping the student develop and expand those attitudes and behaviors that are essential in the process of professional socialization. The program faculty recognizes that our students are adult learners who come with a variety of life experiences. The faculty seeks to bring relevant student experiences into the teaching and learning process.

The faculty believes that important learning opportunities exist beyond traditional instructional settings. Students are expected to participate in a variety of professional development, service, and advocacy activities. This is intended to enhance their education and to prepare them for ongoing professional development. Additionally, faculty believe that modeling is a powerful teacher and so faculty strive to interact with students in a manner that models the professional behaviors that are appropriate in health care delivery. Students are expected to demonstrate professional behavior in all aspects of the PTA program.

The program selects students who have demonstrated academic competence and a familiarity with physical therapy including the essential functions of the physical therapist assistant student. The procedures used in selection, evaluation, and retention do not discriminate consistent with the policies of Green River College.