Math 62DE

This is an online course with support available on campus.  Contact with the instructor is through voice and/or email, online discussion in HAWKES, or by attending on-campus office hours.   An initial orientation session is optional.  All lessons, assignments, and tests are completed online.  This course does NOT use Canvas.

For more information, ontact the instructor, Pam Reising.

Orientation:  An onsite session is scheduled for the first week of the quarter, see the class schedule for date and time.  Orientation is optional, students may choose to complete the Course Requirement slide show instead (see link at right). Courseware should be purchased before attending orientation (see below).This course utilizes the Developmental Mathematics courseware from Hawkes Learning Systems.  The current courseware  may be purchased from the GRCC bookstore or directly from Hawkes (book is optional, software access code is mandatory)