Hybrid Math Lab

What is the Math Lab?

The Math Lab uses the DEVELOPMENTAL MATH courseware by Hawkes Learning Systems for HYBRID math classes.  Instruction is delivered using the Hawkes interactive, multi-media, math tutorial program.  Students are required to take online quizzes and pre-tests as well as in-class tests by the deadlines established for the course.  See the syllabus for more details, or contact the lead instructor, Pam Reising

Where are the Hybrid lab classes on campus?

All main campus lab classes are held in IVC 102.  Lab classes are also offered at the Enumclaw and Kent campuses. 

Where do I purchase the software?

The GRCC bookstore has software bundles (book and software) or  the software cd's available for purchase.  The book is not required for the course, it is optional.  You may also purchase the software directly from HAWKES at http://www.hawkeslearning.com

     Dev Math Version 2

Working off-site

You may complete many of the lessons and quizzes offsite.  If you are having technical difficulties with the courseware, try the following:

Technical Support website

HAWKES Learning Systems (HLS)

Phone:  843.571.2825 or 800.426.953