Test Tips

Please check your course calendar for the upcoming testing deadline. If for some reason you cannot complete the test by the required deadline, please contact the instructor.

Remember, the tests are not timed. To be safe, allow yourself a 2 hour block of time (there are 30 questions). Call the testing center to double check that they are open during the times you wish to test.  For the current hours for the Testing Center in RLC 173 and for IVC 102, please visit the Announcement Page on our Blackboard website.

The testing center phone number is: 253-833-9111 ext 2650.

Remember,  testing  done in IVC 102 will result in knowing your score quicker (and a math teacher is present and can answer questions).

Come prepared! Remember to bring plenty of pencils, erasers, and a scientific calculator.

Practice test.

Make 'flashcards' or outline each section including any definitions, key concepts and include examples.  Review your cards or outline before taking the practice test.

A  good practice is the Evaluates in your book (they are even labeled as Practice Test, see page 53 for the first one) for each section that the test covers. It is similar to the test that you will be taking but the questions will be different. To get the maximum benefit from this practice test, I recommend that you have first completed the chapter practice problems and computer Evaluates that this test will cover. Next, take this practice test as a closed book, timed test, without the use of notes. You may use the tables and help sheets that are provided in your packet (these are mainly for the Final Exam). These will also be provided for you at the testing center.

Use the answer key in the back of your book to  ‘grade’ your test. Refer back to the textbook to answer any problems that you have answered incorrectly. Consult the instructor if you still have problems that you do not understand how to do.

Spend your study time wisely.  Do you know what type of learning style preference that you have?  Take this quiz to find out...Learning Styles Preference Inventory.

Before the test.

Relax. Try to schedule the time to take the test during a ‘lite’day in your schedule, not a day when you are racing around from your job, to a zillion errands and/or family or other commitments. Get a good nights sleep before the test. Maintain a positive attitude. Take a few deep breaths before starting the test. You can do it! Remember to double-check your work.

The test will not be mailed back to you. You will receive your test grade from the instructor within a few days of the test with feedback on items that you may need to review. If you wish to go over the actual test with me, please stop in during my office hours, or during the IVC 102 open hours. Remember that you need to maintain an 80% average in this course to fulfill the prerequisite for the next math course.

Good luck!