Biology& 211

        Welcome to the world of cell biology!  Cell Biology explores the netherworld that is unseen by most eyes.  It involves the examination of cells, the building blocks of life, and how they exist in the world.  We will relate the various structures of cells to their function and attempt to open your eyes to the fascinating world just beneath the horizon.  Our primary tool will be the light microscope and open ideas about this tiny world.

        The course will set out by covering concepts in basic and organic chemistry to establish a foundation of appreciation for the intricacies of cellular life.  From here we sill explore the basic structures of a cellular membrane and learn how things can be moved across either from inside to the outside (exocytosis) or outside to inside (endocytosis).  We will also examine the structures found in cells and learn of the tasks they perform to keep the cell alive and adapting to the onslaught of changes presented by the environment.  Bearing in mind that this applies to the single celled organisms living in the pond behind the house or the multi-celled organism living in the house.  We will also explore the nuances of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell reproduction, cellular genetics, and protein synthesis.

    Work hard and keep on track.  This world can be overwhelming from a microscopic level, but if you practice good study habits, stay current in the readings, and ask questions as they occur this should be great learning experience about a world unseen by the majority of people on earth.

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