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    If you navigate this web site or follow me around campus you will find that I love talking about Biology, the Science of the slice of LifeLife revolves around energy, the uses, misuses, and abuses.  In it purest form energy arrives at out planet as photons of light from our star called the sun.  Producing organisms (Plantae, Protistans (algae), and some Monerans (cyanobacteria)) are able to take in these random packets of energy and convert them into chemical energy in the form of molecules like carbohydrate, lipid, protein, or nucleic acid.  They do this by combining the energy packets with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and various minerals (phosphorous, magnesium, sulfur, etc.) from the soil.  Consuming organisms (Anamalia, Fungi (those that live on living organisms, "think" athlete's foot), Protistans (protozoans), and some Monerans eat the molecules made by producers' to gain energy for  their existence.  The last group of organisms in the "circle of life" (think Lion King) are the true Decomposing organisms (primarily Monerans).  These organisms are often forgotten, but are critically vital.  They include the Fungi that live on dead and dying organisms and the rest of the Monerans.  Their job is to keep the waste from building up on the face of the planet to a minimum, and to provide the raw minerals for the Producers to use photons of light to make carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and nucleic acid.

    If you are in one of my courses find the information you need to maximize your grade capture, if not, expand your mind to what is life, either way enjoy.

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