Biology& 100

        Welcome to the world of Biology!  You have chosen to acquaint yourself with the living world around you.  We will delve into many principles of science that will help you understand how you impact the world and how the world can impact you.  It is my desire to equate my love of biology and life to you so that you can leave the course with a deeper appreciation as to what "MOM" does around you, even when you don't notice.  Her changes come on subtle breezes or violent storms, from minute changes to massive alterations, or at a pace slower than a snails to being quicker than a cheetah.  I find it all fascinating, amusing, and awe inspiring.  So buckle up and lets proceed.

        This course is for the non-biology majors and students wishing to update their biological knowledge before taking other biology or human anatomy/physiology courses.  Topics include the process of science, natural selection, molecules of life, cell biology, cell division, DNA and protein synthesis, Mendelian and human genetics, biotechnology, and selected topics from human and animal phyisiology and/or ecology.  Examples will be taken from all the kingdoms of life.  This course satifies the math/science/lab dsitribution required for the AA degree. 

       Students must be eligible for English& 101, be willing to spend 2 hours of study outside of class for each hour inside class, have good reading, writing, oral, & critical thinking skills plus a strong desire to learn biology with a curiosity about the workings of life.

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