Biology& 160

        Welcome to the world of general biology!  This course is designed to give the health science major an opportunity to explore the science that is beyond the visible world that revolves around the use of a microscope.  We will delve into the ideas that are the basis for all life on earth by first starting with chemistry (the building blocks), coursing through the structures of cells, and finishing with how life came about and continues today.  Our primary tool will be the light microscope but coupled with open ideas about this tiny world.

        The course will set out with the goal of introducing to students the ideas that are the basis for all of health care.  Whether you are going into nursing, dental health, X-ray technology, or any subject related to health care a solid understanding of basic biology will serve you in obtaining the training you need to help clients get back to a healthy state.  Biology explores all aspects of the living world with a desire to understand how biological systems operate autonomously (one person say) or in union with other systems (like a population of people), to this end we will explore the topics of cellular structure & function, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cellular & organismal reproduction, genetics, protein synthesis, and evolutionary relationships. 

         Work hard and keep on track.  This world can be overwhelming from a microscopic level, but if you practice good study habits, stay current in the readings, and ask questions as they occur this should be a great learning experience about a world unseen by the majority of people on earth.  The only prerequisite for this course is having been successful in English 101 to the tune of a 2.0 grade but you need to make a commitment of two hours of study daily plus having an inquisitive critically thinking mind.  It also helps to have a demeanor that allows you to have some fun while learning.

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