Funny videos

   Click on one of the videos below for some light entertainment.  Most of the items found here were sent to me by colleagues and former students.  If you find them offensive in any way I apologize, but if you find them humorous thank whom ever had the time to produce them.

 Staying Alive  A Place Called Earth  Hippo & Beer  I Can't Dance  Babies & Fathers
 Bad Day  Bad Flight  Beauties Hivernales  Bill Dance  Bird Thief
 Bored Behind Wheel  Car Dance  Cards by Bud  Copier  Copper Clappers
 DaVinci Code  Fantastic Photos  Dating 101  Monday vs. Friday  Funny Cats
 Garbage Men  German Coast Guard  Golf Truisms  Here Fishy Fishy  Men See Romance
 Switzerland Ice  Gross Bug  Kayak  Kidnapped Wife  Medical Rescue
 Morgan Stanley  Panda  Pinky  Prostate Exam  Radical Cats
 Senior Moment  Shark vs. Octopus  Smart Kid  Sprint Theft  Trunk Monkey 1
 Trunk Monkey 2  Why Women?  Miss France  Gravity  Blondestar
 Men Invented Everything  Best Commercial  Water Bill  Pepsi Commercial  Mistletoe
 Avoiding Solicitors  Dangerous Popcorn  Picking the  Turkey  Ice Scraping  Menopause Drivers
 Split Woman  Coin skin  Great Mustang  Bird Dinner  Spiders on Drugs
 Silent Killer  Underwear Choices  How cats drink  Kosovomusic  Magic Food
 Prostate Exam 2  Merry Christmas  Rabbit vs. Snake  Mustang Commercial  How to Open a Beer
 Oil Change  Parking Tech. 1  Parking Tech. 2  Parking Tech 3  Retirement
 Italian Time  Bud Lite Clown  Church Compilation  Best Country Song  Japanese Delivery
 Infrared Camera  Lizard Demo  Got Milk  I sleep best when?  Tattoo Removal
 Helicopter Landing  Medication  Foul Ball  7Wonders  Early IT
 Mommy's Little Helper  Grandma Airbag  Beer & Golf  Lost Keys  Puppet Master
 Not a Morning Person  September 11th  Panda Sneeze  Animals think  Great Moment
 Cold Snap    All Physics  Dentist Classic  Global Warming
 Animal Thieves  Best Car Ad  Best Pictures  Brownie  Cell Phone Karma
 Coming Home  Concert  Fantastic Photography  Fly  Hospital
 Volcano Pictures  Manly Catfish  Mom with Cake  Plane Ride  Romantic Dinner
 Tax Refund  The Boss  Willie Nelson  Monks Celebrate  Beeper Confusion
 Its OK to Wet Yourself  Sick Boss  Beer Delivery  Grandsons  Lays Potato Chips
 Four Commercials  Women & Parking  USS Montana  Urgent Bulletin  Oldies but Goodies
 Dog & Duck  President  Surfing  Friends  DNA
 Global Warming  Ball Girl  City News Anchors  Dead Snake  Catalogs
 Tool Boxes  Beer Truck  Window Washer  911  German Engineering
 Hammer Magic  School Call  Lutheran Air  Remember Normandy  Baseball Swing
 Soccer Magic  Hunting with Cheeves  Bored Scots  Answering Machine  Bank Commercial
 Red Neck Skeet Shooting  Toot Tone  Good Chili  Rock Band?  Skeet Shooting
 Science Speak  BBQ Invitation  FedEX-Castaway  More Trunk Monkeys  Much Love & Affection
 Pilot Announcement  Best Card Trick Ever    Shy Guy   Seattle Skyline ad
 Cellular Life  Group Travel   Honoring Veterans  Leader?  Christmas Lights
 Girl in a Bar  Why Women Need Catalogs  Vocal Singing  Extreme Skydiving  Reasons to Quit Beer
 Your Special  Amazing Grace  Tidal Race  Roadrunner  Forest Magic
 Pine Sol  Train Vs. Tornado  Hungry Bear  Reagan Joke  Seatbelt Commercial
 Amazing Nature  Reagan Joke  Moving A Rhino   World Trade Center Phoenix  Best Gag
 Beer Bottle Orchestra  How Old Guys Stay in Shape  Blind Archer  Amazing Golf Shot